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By the age of two, The Trigg House, Inc.'s Founder and CEO, Cathleen Trigg-Jones had already gotten a taste of the harsh realities of life in the “system“. Born to a teen mother who turned to prostitution after being shunned by her family for bearing an interracial baby, and a father who was incarcerated and likely never knew of her existence, Cathleen, born Sheila Scott, was put up for adoption shortly after birth. She would spend the first two years of her life neglected and confused as she was shifted from foster home to foster home.  Until finally being adopted by a young military couple in search of a little girl to complete their family. She was two at the time, and it would be her fifth and  finally, “Forever” home.

Today, the EMMY Award-winning journalist, most recognized for her work as a News Anchor and Reporter for MY 9 and FOX 5 News broadcasts in New York, considers herself lucky. Cathleen escaped the system and was given a chance to reach her life‘s fullest potential. But for approximately 500,000 children living in foster care in the United States, the sad reality is that that chance may never come, thus the creation of Trigg House - - The lifelong dream and passion of Cathleen Trigg-Jones. Through Trigg House, Cathleen‘s goal is to be a role model and give support and encouragement to these individuals who may not be so lucky, by not only “showing“ them, but “helping“ them achieve their life‘s fullest potential.

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